Ignition vs Starter: Which One is Causing You Trouble?

When cars start to stall, you probably think it's the battery, but it could be as simple as an issue with your ignition switch slipping and turning off. There are also major problems that could be causing your fuel system to be disconnected from your ignition switch. When the issue is not just as simple as jiggling the keys to get the car to start, then it's time to talk to a professional and get a diagnostic test.

Ignition problems can also be caused by your key. Replacing a worn out or broken key is the best way to deal with ignition switches that won't turn. You may also find that the ignition is jammed or that your car's accessories won't turn on with the key turned to ACC like it should.

In other instances, it might be the battery or starter. In cases where lights turn on but the engine doesn't, it's likely an issue of your starter turning being able to turn over. For all of these issues, you can talk to the car parts and repair professionals at Autoline located in Chantilly, VA.

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