Don’t Blow a Gasket!

Gaskets are one of those parts everyone knows the name of, but it’s common to not know the exact nature and purpose of.

What they do:

Gaskets are a type of regulatory seal intended to keep air or fluids from escaping or mixing (a leading cause of breakdowns).

What they’re made of:

They seem like stern rubber, and the outer coating often is. However, inside are layers of steel or copper designed to reinforce these and make them tough. They’re intended to be flexible to fit even the most imperfect fittings.

Types of Gaskets

Gaskets are used in several places:

Head gasket – separating the cylinder head from the engine block.

Intake manifold gasket – regulating temperature in the chamber and preventing air from escaping.

Exhaust manifold gasket – more or less the same, but obviously separating the exhaust from the cylinder head.

Main bearing gasket – intended to maintain a reservoir of oil in the oil pan while the crankshaft is moving.

Preventing Breakdown

Gaskets show wear and tear when they lose flexibility, appear compressed, allowing gaps, or the coating begins to peel. To prevent this, replace coolant, antifreeze and oil regularly. Inspect your gaskets visually as well.

To learn more about your car’s gaskets and how to ensure they have a long and productive life, visit our service professionals at Autoline today.

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