Packing Your Roadside Emergency Kit with These Essentials

These are a few of the things every roadside emergency kit should include.

  • Road flares are critical to keep in your emergency kit and should be placed a few hundred feet up the highway so that all other drivers have the chance to slow down their cars.
  • Keep a quart of motor oil and gallon of engine coolant in the kit so you can take care of fluid issues if stranded.
  • A flashlight can make a huge difference when you need to be making repairs on your vehicle in the dark. Be sure you bring fresh batteries so the flashlight will last all night long.
  • Keeping a small first-aid kit inside the roadside emergency kit will allow you to take care of minor injuries easily until the real help arrives.

Now that your roadside emergency kit is complete, visit Autoline so we can make certain your vehicle is ready for an uneventful season.

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