Move seamlessly from your handheld device to your car's touchscreen with Apple CarPlay. Featuring everything you love about Apple's innovative line of software, you'll never be without the apps you use most.

Take you favorite music and apps along for the journey and plot your destination using navigational software or get some work done while you're stuck in traffic with hands-free email and phone calls. Apple CarPlay features Siri and is designed specifically for keeping your eyes on the road. Voice commands allow for dictation and text messaging on-the-go, and you can switch between applications using voice commands. All of your information will be uploaded to the Cloud so that you can access the work you've done in the car from other devices.

Visit us at Autoline of VA in Chantilly, VA for the chance to test drive one of our vehicles with Apple CarPlay. Our tech specialists are also on hand to answer any questions you may have about this innovative technology system.

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