Work and Play Truck Cabs Have Many Differences

Here at our Autoline of VA location, we go the extra mile to help our customers to choose the trucks that are right for them. Key to this endeavor is identifying the truck style that closely fits the needs of the prospective buyers. For example, some truck buyers purchase their vehicles intending to use them for work-related purposes. Others purchase their trucks for leisure or transportation reasons. Choosing the right cab style for each situation can enhance overall usability.

Many small work trucks come with what are known as Standard cabs. These cabs feature generously large beds and two front doors that enclose a single front seating area. Because of their fuel economy and hauling capability, these often make good choices for work purposes.

The next size up is the Quad Truck. These also offer large beds, but they back this up with a small rear passenger seating area. This rear area includes two resettable doors that lie underneath the two full front doors. Quad Cab trucks can also make good work vehicles because and they can carry larger crews and people to and fro.

One of the larger truck types is the Double Cab. This truck style includes a full-size interior cabin that mimics many sedan-like features. It has four full doors and a shorter bed area. Due to its design, this style of cab does well as a passenger vehicle for leisure or travel purposes.

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