Whether you tailgate only occasionally or you're a regular weekend warrior, it's important that you're well-prepared when you hit the blacktop in Chantilly, VA. We at Autoline of VA love tailgating just as much as you, so we offer these essentials that no tailgate party should be without.

In order to organize all those smaller essential items, you can use a locking toolbox. This option provides plenty of drawers to keep everything neat and tidy and ensures that none of your tailgating rivals are able to swipe your gear. Speaking of staying organized, if you want to be a hero to all your thirsty friends, try labeling your coolers so there's no question what people can find inside.

To enjoy a great day of tailgating, you need a reliable vehicle to get you there. To ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the extra demands of tailgating, stop by our service center for a complete maintenance inspection.

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