Auto-Dimming Mirror Accessories Add Safety Value

Most experienced drivers have found themselves operating their vehicles at night. Many of these drivers have also experienced having their vision obscured by the overly bright headlights of other cars. Clearly, such situations can reduce safety and increase accident risks.

In response to these dangers, many vehicles now come equipped with what are known as auto-dimming rearview mirrors. These technologies work with a combination of computerized sensors, processors, and light-sensitive gels. The processors and sensors work together to regulate voltage levels to the gels, which can dim images as a result.

Light dimming rearview and side-view mirrors are useful devices that can indeed improve driver vision and overall safety. In addition, many of these tools now include add-ons that can provide drivers with extra information or capabilities. For example, some auto-dimming mirror styles come complete with temperature, compass and status displays. Other models allow operators to control the dimming levels to their personal tastes.

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