Let Your Dog Ride in Style with Dog-Friendly Features

Is your dog comfortable when you’re driving around Chantilly, VA? Dogs might be happy to simply enjoy the ride, but just in case, there are several features available that make some vehicles much more dog-friendly. At Autoline of VA, we believe that being informed means not only ease of travel for you but maximum comfort for your dog.

Back seat climate control makes a huge difference in dog travel comfort. Dogs in cars should be harnessed or crated into place for safety, but this also means it is difficult for them to move to a more comfortable area of the seat. Vents in the back help maintain the right temperature. In addition, sunshades can help block out glare and heat during the summer, while a heated back seat will keep dogs toasty during the winter.

Treat your dog right and look for dog-friendly features in your next car. Come in for a test drive and let us show you the best options.

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