Packing the Basics for Winter Survival

A basic survival kit can make it easier to be in your vehicle in Chantilly, VA if you're stuck on the road in the winter. You can put the items that you need in a plastic container so that they are in one place. A flashlight with extra batteries is good to have with you along with road flares.

Keep a few bottles of water and snacks in your kit. If you have children, then you might want to include snacks and any essentials for a baby if you have children of this age. Extra gloves, blankets, and coats can be kept in your kit as well.

You also need to add vehicle maintenance supplies. These could include cables for your battery, a quart of oil, and a few extra fuses. Autoline VA can examine your car to ensure that there are no major issues that should be addressed before getting on the road in the winter.

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