The Science Behind Auto-Dimming Mirrors

You may not use this feature a lot, but when you do, you're glad you have it. An auto-dimming mirror is essential for nighttime driving. Everyone has had situations when a large vehicle creeps up behind you at night with extremely bright lights that glare in your review mirror. At times like these, you're sure to flip that switch to dim the glare.

Auto-dimming mirrors are also called electrochromatic mirrors. They work by blunting what is called the "Troxler Effect," which the phenomenon that occurs when driver reaction is delayed by excessive glare from headlights. When you look in the mirror, the lights aren't as bright.

Electrochromatic mirrors work via sensors that work in conjunction with a microprocessor to send an appropriate charge to an electrochromic gel that automatically darkens the mirror. Voila, you can see again and will continue to remain safe on the road at night.

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