Autoline of VA in Chantilly, VA wants you to know that hydroplaning is a serious problem. It can cause you to be in a serious accident. Hydroplaning occurs when your vehicle's tires can't clear enough water away while you are driving. You actually start sliding on the surface of the water. Hydroplaning can be avoided if you practice a few safe driving steps.

One way that you can avoid hydroplaning is to avoid driving on the extreme edges of the road when it is raining heavily. Water can accumulate on the edge of the roadways, and this can lead to problems. You should also try to drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you when you are driving in the rain. These tracks have less water to cause hydroplaning.

Speed is the enemy when it comes to hydroplaning. If you drive slower than normal when the road is wet, you will avoid hydroplaning in most instances.

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