It is easy to overlook replacing your wiper blades during the summer when you rarely need to use them. The problem is that the summer heat can damage your wiper blades and render them ineffective when winter conditions arrive. Our service department at Autoline of VA recommends you use winter wiper blades if you frequently drive in the snow.

Heat, ozone, and UV rays during the summer months can damage your wiper blades and reduce your visibility. Rips, tears, and cracks can prevent the squeegee action of your wiper blades from clearing away the raindrops and snow from your windshield resulting in streaking and smearing. This will obstruct your vision and reduce your response time when avoiding an accident.

If it has been six months or longer since you last replaced your winter wiper blades, then come to our service department to have your wiper blades replaced. This will ensure you have good visibility during the winter months.

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