Here at Autoline, we want to help people make an informed decision when they are looking to buy a new, or at least new-to-you, vehicle. That's why we wanted to talk about why it may make more sense to buy used. While there are many reasons, let's look at a couple of highlights.

First, it will save drivers in Chantilly, VA money. With the high rate of depreciation associated with vehicles, you can save thousands by going with used over new. You will also find that the sales tax is considerably lower on a used vehicle, another thing that helps you save.

Second, you can sometimes afford a vehicle that would typically be out of your price range. Rather than spending your whole budget on an entry-level model, you can go with the top trim of a used vehicle. Often, this results in you getting many more comfort, tech, and convenience features. See this for yourself by stopping by and taking a test drive or two!