Backup Cameras: A Basic Breakdown

If you've heard that new vehicles will be outfitted with backup cameras, we here at Autoline of VA can answer all your questions. You might be wondering if this will change your regular routine or require you to learn anything new on your behalf.

Changes in safety tech can be a big deal, and we want to help you stay informed about this important piece of new technology. Backup cameras, or rearview cameras, are just what they sound like - they're cameras that show you a live feed of the back of your vehicle when you're backing up so that you can see right behind you.

If you have any problems with your backup camera, self-maintenance is easy. Wiping your lens is usually as complicated as it gets. However, any problem more serious than low image quality might require a professional's attention. If you have more questions, or just want to see a backup camera closeup, then try out a vehicle equipped with one for a test drive today, here at Autoline of VA.

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