A roof rack allows you to travel with more cargo, and without having to sacrifice interior space. At Autoline, we want Chantilly, VA drivers to know how to use these amazing accessories safely and efficiently. With the tips that follow, you can load all of your essentials on top of your car without fear of back sprains, damaged items, or loss.

Choose Your Cargo Bag or Cargo Box with Care

Roof racks are made to hold items that have been securely stored in appropriately sized cargo boxes or bags. When choosing a container for your rack, be mindful of the fact that this unit will be exposed to all of the outdoor elements while in use. More importantly, it will also be exposed to strong wind forces whenever your vehicle is traveling at top speeds.

Load Your Cargo Box While It's on Top of the Vehicle

Don't attempt to load your cargo bag or box before you've lifted onto the roof of your car. Instead, get this unit securely in place and then carry your items up one at a time. This way, you won't have to heft a heavy load over your head. To learn more about roof racks and the proper way to use them, or to have your auto professionally serviced before your next big trip, come see us at Autoline now.