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Learn to Safely Debadge Your Car

Car badges are handsome aesthetic features, but they also tend to trap debris, polish, and wax. Debadging your car prevents this unsightly outcome. How do you debadge your car without ruining the clearcoat? Our Chantilly, VA Autoline team put together a quick tutorial for your info.

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The Purpose of a Clay Bar

When you are detailing your precious vehicle, do you know when to use a clay bar? Detailing your vehicle is one of the best ways to maximize its overall value. At Autoline, we want our local Chantilly, VA customers to be well informed when it comes to the role of clay bars in the detailing process.

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Choosing Your Teen's First Car

You have to make sure that your teen has a car that is safe and reliable. There are different models that come with various safety features. You will also need to consider the weight of the car. It may seem like it is best for you to get a small car for your teen. 

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